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Good Governance in the Thai Public Universities: The Current Status and Expectat
Good Governance in the Thai Public Universities:
The Current Status
and Expectations
 Ratttana   Buosonte*
The purpose of this research was to study and compare the current status and expectations of good governance with 9 dimensions and 76 indicators in 16 public universities in Thailand.  As a descriptive research study, 3,017 participants were chosen from the stakeholders in selected public universities which were located in different regions in Thailand. The questionnaires, consisting of a 5-Likert scale, were distributed.  The data were analyzed by frequency, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t-test and ANOVA.
               The research findings were as follows:
               1) The current status of good governance in 16 public universities was in a moderate level in both overall and individual dimension. In addition, a comparison of the different arithmetic mean in overall dimensions and individual dimension on the current status of good governance was made between public universities under the former supervision of the Ministry of University Affairs and Rajabhat Universities, which were under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. There was a significantly statistical difference of 0.01 and 0.05 in nearly all dimensions of the research framework except the Ethics and Integrity dimension. This finding was similar to that of the current status of good governance when individual university was taken into account.
               2) The participant expectation to the good governance in 16 public universities was in a high level in overall and individual dimension. The arithmetic mean of expectations to good governance of the participants who were under the former Ministry of University Affairs and the Rajabhat Universities showed a statistically significant difference of 0.01.  This finding was similar to that of the expectation to good governance when individual university was taken into consideration.
               3) However, in the answers from open-ended questions, the findings showed that there were a lot of problems in all dimensions of the current status of good governance in 16 public universities, especially in the dimension of Moral and Ethical Profession, Transparency, and Participation. The participants' expectation to the good governance in 16 public universities reflected that there should be a serious evaluation and inspection in university administrators to bring good governance in all dimensions.
               Finally, the findings revealed that most dimensions were in a moderate level and some were still problematic. As a result, public university administrators or the policy makers in each level of higher education should pay more attention to inspection and evaluation to bring good governance into their organizations.
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A Mixed Method Synthesis Research and Evaluation


               ѧҹԨлԹԧҹԸ ¶֧ ûءԸաԧҹ㹧ҹԨлԹѺѧҹԨлԹ ԴẺἹԧҹ㹡ѧҹԨлԹẺἹ ẺἹ ẺἹͧѺ ẺἹ ͸Ժ¤ ẺἹǨءԡ


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ԺԷ¢ͧѰ : ҾѨغѹФҴѧ

ѵ ʹ*

                Ԩ¹ѵػʧ֡ººҾѨغѹФҴѧǡѺԺŢͧԷ¢ͧѰ ԸաԨ·繡Ԩԧ ҧ ؤҡԷ¢ͧѰ 16 ӹǹ 3,017 ͧǺ ẺͺẺҵûҳ Դ 5 дѺ ǹ§ູҵðҹ ÷ͺẺ ÷ͺẺ ûǹҧ С šԨ ҾѨغѹͧԺŢͧԷ¢ͧѰ 16 Ҿءҹ´ҹдѺҹҧ ººᵡҧͧҾѨغѹͧԺŢͧԷ¢ͧѰ ҧԷ¢ͧѰѧѴǧѺԷҪѯ Ҿ´ҹ դᵡҧѹҧչӤѭҧʶԵԷдѺ 0.01 0.05 ᷺ ¡ ҹسͨҺó ¸ ᵡҧѹ СººᵡҧͧҾѨغѹͧԺŢͧԷ¢ͧѰ ҾҾѨغѹͧԺŢͧԷ ᵡҧѹҧչӤѭҧʶԵԷдѺ 0.01 ;Ԩó´ҹ ǹ˭դҾѨغѹͧԺᵡҧѹҧչӤѭҧʶԵԷдѺ 0.01մҹسͨҺó ¸ ҾѨغѹͧԺŢͧԷ¢ͧѰᵡҧѹ ѺҴѧͧؤҡԷ¢ͧѰ 16 յ͸ԺŹ ҾءҹШṡ´ҹҧդҴѧдѺҡ ººᵡҧͧ¤Ҵѧ㹸ԺŢͧؤҡ÷Է¢ͧѰѧѴǧѺԷҪѯ Ҿ´ҹ դᵡҧѹҧչӤѭҧʶԵԷдѺ 0.01 Сººᵡҧͧ¤Ҵѧ㹸ԺŢͧؤҡԷ¢ͧѰ Ҿ¤Ҵѧ㹸ԺŢͧؤҡԷ ᵡҧѹ ҧչӤѭҧʶԵԷдѺ 0.01 ҧá ŷҡʴԴ ҾѨغѹͧԺԷ¢ͧѰ 16 ѧ͹ҧջѭҡءҹ ੾дҹسͨҺó ¸ Сǹ 㹢зҴѧǡѺԺŹ鹺ؤҡѧաôԹҹҧԧѧлͧѹâҴԺŢͧԷ㹷ء ҹ ҡšԨ ͼ˹º¡èѴ֡дѺش֡ мԷ дѺ˹§ҹԷ ѴաõǨͺлԹ ʹӼšûԹǡѺúçҹʶҺѹش֡ 繸Ժ㹴ҹҧ šԨ¹ѧдѺҹҧѧջѭ ѡ :
1) ҾѨغѹͧԺ
2) ҴѧǡѺԺ
3) Ժ
4) ԵԸФͺ
5) سͨҺó ¸
7) ǹ
8) ѺԴͺͤѺԴͺ
9) ԷԼ лԷҾ
10) ͤöҴó
11) صԸͤҤ
12) Фͧ
13) Է¢ͧѰ

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Naresuan University : The Past Present and Future
Rattana Buasonte* Patee Gasthanakorn**
Piyatida Punya **, and Others***
The study aimed at investigating the development, roles and effects of Naresuan University towards the community, and analyzing the content and situations of the community surrounding the University in the past at the present and to the future.  The study was considered as
a qualitative research . Data was derived from historical do*****entary analysis and drawn from the
indepth interviews of the University ‘ s administrators, faculty members , staffs and alumni.
                The result  revealed as follows ; 1 )  Naresuan University has been originally developed from a campus of the college of education in B.E. 2510 , and was responsible for producing the baccalaureate teachers as needed by elementary and secondary education. The University was promoted to be a campus of Srinakharinwirote University in B.E. 2517, and was still responsible for teacher producing and added some other professions as needed by labors markets and society .
Finally ,the University has been established as a single comprehensive university at the new site
Of Ban-Nong- Ao , Tha-po Sub-district, and is responsible for producing personnel of various professional fields . 2) Presently , Naresuan University is the principal university of the lower northern
region of Thailand , and is responsible for producing various professional fields of both undergraduate and graduate levels . The University also tokes responsibility for producing quality research , used for academic and society development as well as provides many forms of academic
services  and maintains arts and culture for the society. 3) The establishment of Naresuan University

has been effected on social and economic situations of the community surroundings . The community has been changed from rural to urban society that is considered as an important economic site of Phitsanuloke The changes of the community have created the positive and negative factors affecting both the community and the university , and 4) In the future , Naresuan University will desire to be research oriented university ,created crucial and tangible research findings for country development , will be able to produce good and intellectual graduates, will used efficiently all kind of resources with the sense of environmental consideration . The administrators of the University must be goodness , honesty accountability and visionary thinking . All sectors of the community must take responsibility to and be allowed to participate in university administration.


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Naresuan Evaluation Theory
      Rattana Buosonte
      Naresuan Evaluation Theory has been developed from the Thai context basing on a Buddhist principle known as patija samutha baht and The six senses, pluralism, empiricism, humanism, democracy, peaceful solution or ahimsa, and good governance. The theory traces back to the original requirement of the evaluation, value assignment, criteria, and outcome of the evaluation. The discloser of the evaluation, and role of the evaluator. In addition to the theory proposing, the author had also presented the model and approach of the Naresuan Evaluation Theory which has been expanded from the Theory itself.
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ѡҹ .
..ѵ  ʹ

Prof. Rattana Buosonte
E-Mail : rattanabb1@hotmail.com

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