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ûԹؤ : šûԹкҷѡԹ
ûԹؤ : šûԹкҷѡԹ
Personnel Evaluation : Using Evaluation and The Role of Evaluator
              ûԹؤ繡кǹҧк㹡ǺʹǡѺسѵ оĵԡûԺѵԧҹͧؤ ͷйʹȷҹҵѴԹسФسҾͧؤ ͡ԴþѲлѺاûԺѵԧҹͧؤŹ 駹㹡ôԹҹԹؤŹ鹼˹ҷԹ ͹ѡԹ繵ͧ繺ؤŷѺѺ            㹴ҹسԪҪվѡԹ¡͹ ͷͧѺСѹҹѡԹ鹨зӡûԹؤ ҧͶ 仵ҵðҹûԹѡ÷繢йѺѡԹ šûԹؤŵͧ͡ûѺاؤŹ觨ѺԴ ʹ͹ ¡ Ŵ͡ ͡ ؤŷ١Թ ѹ觷ѡ¡ѹ ͧ㹡ûԹ͡ûԹ
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